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“My son J loves going to his therapy sessions with Lynn! She has truly been the key to my son’s success in speech therapy. Lynn is patient, kind, fun, and extremely professional. I can’t thank her enough in assisting J overcome his speech challenges.”

​​"Mi hijo E de 7 años recibió terapia de habla, comida y oromotores por varios años con Mrs Lynn Monteiro. Estás siempre fueron ofrecidas con puntualidad y esmero. Los resultados fueron óptimo. Mi niño Síndromes Down mejoró sus habilidades cognitivas, motoras, aprendió a comunicarse con lenguaje de señas, recibió terapias de comida  y ejercicios oro motores.  Mrs Lynn es una terapeuta cariñosa, abnegada y entregada a su trabajo.

My 7 year old son E received speech, feeding, and motor therapy for several years with Mrs Lynn Monteiro.  She always offered punctuality and care.  The results were optimal.  My boy with Down Syndrome improved his cognitive and motor skills, he learned to communicate with sign language, he received feeding therapy and oral-motor exercises.  Mrs Lynn is a loving, self-sacrificing and dedicated therapist to her work."

"Lynn did a fantastic job with our son’s tongue and lip tie therapy . My son had a posterior tongue tie that with her help she was able to diagnose and we were able to get it more prominent with therapy so that it could be fixed . I highly recommend her."

"My child received speech therapy with Ms. Lynn. She is incredible professional and really pours herself into helping each child. My son improve his speech so much. He went from saying just a few words to speaking in complete sentences. After each session Ms.Lynn took the time to explain to me what they worked on. She took the time to listen to my concerns and always recommended exercises I could do at home to help my child continue developing his speech."

"Ms Lynn is a wonderful speech therapist. She goes above and beyond to help our kids, no doubt about it. Her becoming my son's speech therapist was such a joy. My son's speech improved so much in a matter of weeks. By the end of each session she would go over everything they did. She would refer me to ways to help him at home as well. My son created a very strong bond with her. I could tell she was very good to him. He would talk about her so much at home. On their five minute breaks she helped my son conquer his fear of riding his bicycle. She also introduced him to Pete the Cat books and he loves them. Dealing with a kid with special needs is not always easy and it's not easy to find someone you could trust with their care but  I always felt I could trust her with my son. She's an amazing person."

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