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Horizons Therapy

Early Language • Speech  • Oral Myofunctional Therapy • Infant Feeding


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Infant frenectomy care

Early Language Therapy

Several areas are addressed including but not limited to: early language development (1-5 yrs), understanding and expressing language, social skills, play skills, and phonological awareness. A language evaluation is conducted in order to assess current level of skills. 

Speech & Oromyofunctional Therapy

Speech therapy teaches your child how to produce age-level sounds in words and connected speech. Oromyofunctional therapy is completed when dysfunction of the lips, jaw, or tongue impacts speech production.    A speech evaluation is conducted in order to assess if a delay or disorder is present. 

Pre- & post-frenectomy  care for lip, tongue, & cheek ties

An infant / pediatric functional evaluation is completed to assess impact of ties on swallowing and speech. If frenectomy surgery is recommended, families are provided training to prepare the mouth  before the surgery as well as exercises afterwards to ensure optimal wound healing of tongue, lip, and/or cheek tie revisions.

Children develop rapidly over the first years of life. Every child's development is unique. Non-mastery of any one item does not necessarily signify the presence of a disorder. If you have concerns about your child's development, please schedule an evaluation with a speech-language pathologist.

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